In a computer class in the DESMOS environment

Conduct a lesson created in the DESMOS environment. Desmos is still (at the end of 2019) a free math learning environment. It allows the teacher to create a lesson from blanks in a short time and see the progress of the solution, each student individually. Lesson in the form of a game in the terminology of the developer of the learning environment is called activity. In 40 minutes you can deal with examples, create your own virtual class and choose an activity template. The environment will give you an activity code and a link that you can later share with your students. Or students can go to the link enter the activity code and select the authorization method, i.e. under what name they will be seen by rivals and the teacher to enter the learning environment.

In a computer class in the DESMOS environment

Then the teacher from his part can watch the progress of the struggle, encouraging him to complete it as soon as possible.

To start teaching a lesson in the DESMOS environment, see one of the examples of how it will look from the student’s point of view. Two players are required for a full trial. You can enter the environment yourself through a browser on a computer and on a smartphone. To get started, follow the link or simply type in the address in the browser and write the bhu529 activity code. You can enter without registering by inventing a fictitious name for yourself. It will not be difficult to figure it out, partly the program interface has already been translated into Russian. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

The Polygraph: Lines activity is reminiscent of a sea battle game:

Two players instead of ships see a certain number of graphics images on the screen.

In a computer class in the DESMOS environment

The task is to find the desired hidden schedule for the minimum number of leading questions. The question should give an unequivocal answer, either yes or no. For example: Does the chart run in the first quarter? Or is the linear function of the graph decreasing? After the answer is received, options that do not meet the selection criteria are excluded from the list, gradually reducing the search circle to a minimum. The winner is the one who guessed the chart in the minimum number of questions. In a real lesson, count the number of pairs. And make sure that each student completes the task at least once.

At the end of the game, sort out and with the class what words can describe the function. Is it possible to group the criteria of the questions? What strategies should be used to win?

And once again, to create your own class, go to

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