Many have heard about cryptocurrency and that it is based on blockchain technology. But not many people know that there is already an educational product “LabVIEW Blockchain Toolkit”, which combines blockchain technology and robotics.

Let’s start in order. Blockchain is a way of storing data or a digital register of transactions, transactions, contracts. The blockchain can store data on loans issued, property rights, traffic violations, marriages. It can be used for digital signature and identification systems. Its main difference and indisputable advantage is that this registry is not stored in any one place. It is distributed among several hundreds and even thousands of computers all over the world. Any user of this network can have free access to the current version of the registry, which makes it transparent to absolutely all participants. Blockchain is a further evolution of cloud technologies as a communication medium for the “Internet of Things”.

To study this technology, LabVIEW Blockchain Toolkit was created – a set of tools that allows you to block and unblock an account, view a list of accounts, send transactions, sign messages. It also allows you to get administrator information, browse data directories, check the Web3 client version and network connection version.

Tool kit includes:

▪ Palette of virtual tools for client management
▪ Examples of how to create and use blockchain technology
▪ Open client blockchain Ethereum (geth)
▪ Teaching materials and curriculum

This toolkit will allow you to start and stop a Web Socket based JSON RPC API web server. You can also check the account balance, ensure that the ethereum network is listening and data is synchronized. The toolbox is compatible with real-time Windows and NI Linux operating systems.

If you are interested in a set  LabVIEW Blockchain Toolkit for Lego Mindstorms ask for a quote ask@ste(dot)education


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