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STE.education is an educational technology portal with product catalogue and blog about STEM, it belongs to company DIFI.NET. DIFI.NET is a private engineering company established in 2005. DIFI.NET is abbreviation “network for diffusion of educational innovations “. The name reflects the basic areas of company activity. The company is specialized in supplying education equipment for schools, technical colleges universities and industrial laboratories. 

Moreover, offered methodic motivate teachers to lay the foundations of engineering thinking in school. This opens in pupils the desire to create and allows them to approach the process of prototyping as an ordinary task.

DIFI.NET also provides trainings for teachers, scientists and engineers. Most popular is LabVIEW programming for DAQ. LabVIEW is the same software which allow Lego Mindstorm robots to execute the tasks.

DIFI.NET partners

DIFI.NET is the distributor of PASCO SCIENTIFIC, National instruments (NI), Robo Wunderkind, UFactory, Lantronix, Amy Robotics, Edibon, Elmo, Juniper Networks.


The PASCO SCIENTIFIC Mission is “Providing educators worldwide with innovative technology and solutions for teaching science and our full support of those solutions in schools.” DIFI.NET is proud to be PASCO Scientific’s exclusive distributor in Estonia. 

National instruments (NI)

National instruments (NI). NI provides powerful, flexible technology solutions that accelerate productivity and drive rapid innovation. From daily tasks to grand challenges, NI helps scientists and engineers overcome complexity to exceed even their own expectations in measurement, data acquisition, automation sectors. DIFI.NET provides solutions based on National Instruments since 2008.

Robo Wunderkind

Robo Wunderkind team believe that learning starts in childhood. Children are bolder, more creative, and more open to experimentation than adults. Children’s play should prepare them for their future. Today that means technology. That is why Robo Wunderkind team set out to make learning coding and robotics as fun and simple as playing with building blocks. This is the best way to learn: kids can instantly touch, see, and hear the results of their efforts. DIFI.NET supply Robo Wunderkind STEM robotic sets to elementary schools in Estonia and Latvia.


Edibon produce educational equipment for Technical college and University to study real but modified industrial processes, explaining the most complicated parts of any process such as Electronics and Software. Edibon units utilize components which are used in true industry, but with full student’s protections. 


UFACTORY was founded in 2013 and released the world’s first desktop open source robotic arm. UFACTORY leads the development of the open source robotic ecosystem. DIFI.NET supply UFACTORY products uArm and xArm to educational institutions and robotics labs.

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