Photon Educational Mat

72,00  sis. KM

The mat consists of 24 square boxes that form a storytelling card. When planning a robot’s route, students develop analytical skills, practice instructions, evaluate distances, and test the developed program in real life.

Overall size of mat: 190 x 130 cm [75 x 51 inch]

Thanks to unique design of a mat you can use it in a various different ways:

  • as a play board where mat is divided into a chessboard (2 fields straight, 3 to the right),
  • in the coordinate system well known from the chees (e.g. field A3, B2, D4)
  • in the north-south east-west orientation
  • using mat’s fields marked with different shapes (triangles, circles, starts)
  • using mat’s fields marked with different elements (well, bridge, forest)


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