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Funtronic onEVO – an interactive floor where young and old can play, navigate, learn and consolidate what they have learned.
When you buy an EVO interactive floor, you will immediately get an EVO game set with a total of 100 games.
In addition, EDU (education) and REV (rehabilitation) game sets can be purchased.

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Today’s children spend much of their time on smart devices, which has reduced their mobility. However, exercise is necessary for the child, as exercise has an effect not only on the child’s physical health but also on his or her mental health. Due to the lack of exercise, children are increasingly experiencing various health problems (such as obesity and the associated physical and mental problems). With the interactive floor Funtronic onEVO, children can have fun and navigate. They can also learn something new or consolidate what they have already learned, because Funtronic onEVO is aimed at both mobility and education. On the interactive floor, EVO allows children to play football or learn and repeat English words, for example. Funtronic’s EVO floor with REV play set can also be used with children and adults with SEN and in rehabilitation centers.

When purchasing the onEVO floor you receive:

– 100 games from the EVO area, including the entire scope to start with – The possibility to buy specialised packages to be completed according to your needs!

Thousand of possibilities

– For children: Children will develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills and imagination, among other things. In a friendly and joyful atmosphere, they will be able to gain knowledge, build relationships with their peers, meet new challenges and experience unforgettable adventures. – For teachers: The onEVO floor allows you to combine innovative learning methods with traditional education. Through movement, active play in an augmented reality, students will complete tasks in accordance with core curriculums, within different school subjects. – For therapists and rehabilitation specialist: This innovative device has been prepared for the needs of all children which allows you to conduct rehabilitation and support classes.

How does Funtronic work?

– The projector projects the image on the floor – Built-in sensors read data, ie player movement / touch – Depending on the input received, the reaction / action is returned

How to play?

To play, turn on the Funtronic with the remote control and follow the steps designed for the floor. Gaming is non-contact with the Funtronic device – the player does not touch the device but touches the floor or makes a movement, and the built-in sensors read the information and return the reaction / action. The interactive floor does not need to be disinfected as it is not directly touched by anyone.


In addition to the basic games EVO, it is possible to purchase additional EDU and REV game sets for the Funtronic onEVO interactive floor. The games are only bought once – you don’t have to pay extra every year. When ordering, you must choose which language set you want. Estonian, Russian and English versions are available. NB! You cannot change the language while playing.

EVO game set

With an interactive floor, EVO immediately comes with 100 basic games EVO that can be used in shopping malls, playrooms, hobby groups, hospitals, kindergartens, kindergartens, schools and youth centers. The EVO kit can also be used for educational purposes: gymnastics, speech therapy, learning a foreign language. Types of EVO games: educational, sports, logic, arcade games, linguistics, environmental games, sensory therapy. Interactive floor Funtronic onEVOInteractive floor Funtronic onEVO

EDU games *

EDU games are divided into separate game sets according to the theme – EDU, EDU Pre-school, Photon (robotics, can be played with the robot Footon), FunCoding I / II / III (for programming) and others.

* When ordering, please indicate in the comments that you also want to purchase these games. NB! There is an additional charge for these games, this is not included in the price of the Funtronic onEVO interactive floor.

REV games *

REV games are divided into two game sets – Movement Magic (15 games) and Executive Functions (25 games). The games are aimed at support therapy and ensuring equal opportunities at school. REV area games are adapted for children with special needs and, due to therapy requirements, all games have: brighter colors, larger objects, a small number of moving objects, a bright background and lower action dynamics. * When ordering, please indicate in the comments that you also want to purchase these games. NB! There is an additional charge for these games, this is not included in the price of the Funtronic onEVO interactive floor.


The device must be installed on the ceiling and preferably where the nearest power outlet is. It is best to install Funtronic at a height of 2 – 4.5 meters. We can offer you an installation service within Tallinn and Harju County. NB! If you require installation, please indicate the information provided in the quotation when requesting.

Practical recommendations

For better image contrast, it is recommended that you install Funtronic in a place where there is little sunlight or install curtains that do not let in light. You need a WIFI connection to install updates and buy new games – it’s a good idea to install your device where the WIFI connection is good.


The onEVO floor is a device that meets world safety and quality standards, which have been confirmed by numerous certificates (ex. ISO 9001).


Interactive floor, SEN teaching aids


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