Photon Robot (Home Edition)

Do you want your child to be able to develop their technology skills now and at home? Then the Footon robot (home) is perfect for that purpose and even more so!

The photon robot (home) is an interactive robot that develops with your child and introduces them to new technologies through experience and experimentation.

The robot is well suited for children aged 5+.

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The Photon robot (Home Edition) is a set of Photon robotics for children aged 5+ for home use. With the little help of this robot and parents, children gain the knowledge they need to develop their IT knowledge.

Photon robot – what is it?

Photon is an interactive robot that develops with the owner and introduces him to new technologies through the game.

What does a Photon robot give a child?

Regular use of the Photon robot:

  • Teaches the child planning and forecasting
  • Helps to understand logic step by step
  • Helps to acquire the basics of programming and algorithms
  • Shapes patience and perseverance in achieving the set goal
  • Influences creative problem solving
  • Develops imagination and spatial orientation

Photon applications

The Photon robot comes with three applications:

Photon Robot (Android | iOS)

Photon Robot is a fairy tale application in which a child can go through 200+ levels of educational games. The application is available in English, Russian, German, Spanish, French and Lithuanian.

Photon Coding (Android | iOS)

In Photon Coding , a child can program according to their level of knowledge (the application includes four levels – beginner, advanced, expert and master). Children can program in Scratch, Photon Draw, Photon Badge and Photon Block (see how to use them in the Methodology Guide here ). The application is available in English, Russian, German and Lithuanian.

Photon Rivals (Android | iOS)

In the Photon Rivals app, you can use multiple Photon robots to fight at once. The application is only available in English.

Apps can be downloaded for free for Android smartphones from the Play Store and iOS / iPadOS smartphones from the AppStore .

All applications follow a single scenario (fairy tale) about how Photon reached planet Earth and how he learned new things.

Photon robot – a friend for years, created in collaboration with psychologists

The photon robot has been your child’s friend for years. Each element, skill, service, or story in the Photon Robot app has been developed in close collaboration with a team of children and SWPS University psychologists.

The level of development of the tools available in the applications depends on the skills and age of the user. This allows you to use the Photon robot for many years.

The robot is fully manufactured in Poland from the highest quality components. Durable and sealed polycarbonate construction prevents accidental damage.

The content of the applications is completely secure and adapted to the smallest users.



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