Photon SEN kit

The robotics kit Photon HEV is specially designed for children with special educational needs. The set includes a Photon robot (+ battery charger cable), study materials, a study mat and study cards.

Approved by Education Alliance Finland

Examples of study materials

Photon is the world’s first robot to develop with its owner. Thanks to this robot, children gain new knowledge and experience from the world of technology. With a photon robot, it is possible for a child to develop basic skills in a modern way. With the help of a robot, it is possible for children to develop their creativity, develop logical thinking, etc.
The robot is intended for children aged 5+. The value of the Photon HEV kit consists of methodological materials, a learning mat, 194 learning cards and a Photon robot with 10 different sensors.

Photon SEN kit includes:

  • Photon robot
  • Access to study materials
  • Study mat
  • Study cards in Estonian
  • User manual

The study material included in the Photon SEN kit is a total of 50 hours. 30 of them target children with autism spectrum disorders, 20 social and emotional competences.

Lessons sample

Photon methodology approach

In the case of the Photon SEN kit, the SEN teacher initially uses a Photon robot. Yes, in this case the SEN teacher guides the robot to the map. It may seem easy, but the first step is to find contact with a child with autism. In the second stage, the child is given the opportunity to lead himself. The photon creates an emotional connection with the child. Then the Photon is used to get an answer from the child.

What you need to get started:

To start working with the Photon robot, you need a smart device (must support Bluetooth and Android / iOS / Amazon Fire / Chrome OS) and the corresponding Photon applications (Photon EDU, Photon Robot).

Photon languages

Footon Robot does not speak Estonian and any other human-readable language, it speaks its own emotional language – it expresses itself through various pronunciations. In addition to Photon, you can record 5 phrases with a length of 3 sec. The user interfaces of the applications are not yet in Estonian, but Estonian children understood intuitively.

Photon applications

The software is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

Photon Robot and Photon EDU are the most widely used applications for the SEN program.

Photon SEN kit

Photon EDU ( AppStore | Google Play )

This is an educational application for the Photon robot. Use this app with Photon Lesson Scenarios to teach kids the basics of programming with the Footon Robot. This application is for teachers and schools.

Photon SEN kit

Photon Robot ( AppStore | Google Play )

This application is for home use. 200 creative tasks + mini-games. In this application, the robot develops with the owner – by performing each programming task, the robot acquires new abilities, senses and functions. Performing a simple program creation task allows the child to choose an addition to the Photon (for example, they may see or identify obstacles). Thus, the progress is immediately visible and serves as an excellent motivational tool.

Photon SEN kit

Photon Coding ( AppStore | Google Play )

This is an application that allows you to program your robot anytime, anywhere. The Photon Coding application allows you to create programs for your Photon robot visually (in the Draw, Badge and Blocks programming languages). Use the application to create any program and discover the limitless possibilities of your robot.



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Educational robots, SEN teaching aids


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