Wireless Kit “Ideal Gas Act”

With the Ideal Gas Act Kit (PS-3310) you can consolidate your knowledge and organize and conduct tests to validate a number of laws and hypotheses.

The kit includes several different wireless sensors to measure the relationship between temperature, pressure and gas volume:

1 x Ideal Gas Act Apparatus (TD-8596A)
1 x Wireless Pressure Sensor (PS-3203)
1 x Wireless Temperature Sensor Link (PS-3222)

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With the Wireless Ideal Gas Act Kit (PS-3310), you can explore aspects of the Ideal Gas Act by modifying, measuring, and plotting the relationships between any three variables.
With this kit, students can validate their knowledge and organize and validate the laws and hypotheses of Charles, Boyle, Gay-Lussac, and Avogadro.

SPARKvue software:

PASCO SPARKVue software is required to collect and analyze data.

PASCO SPARKVue is available for free to owners of Android and iOS smartphones in the Google Play Market and AppStore . Chromebook users can find the corresponding version of SPARKVue in the Chrome Web Store .

Windows and MacOS users must purchase a SPARKVue software license. You can apply for a license from the PASCO SPARKVue Software page.

The set includes:

1 x Ideal Gas Act Apparatus (TD-8596A)
1 x Wireless Pressure Sensor (PS-3203)
1 x Wireless Temperature Sensor Link (PS-3222)

Ideal Gas Apparatus TD-8596A

Together with the ideal gas law apparatus, students can quantitatively look at the relationships between pressure, temperature and volume.
The ideal gas law apparatus is very easy to use – connect the syringe to the pressure sensor and the temperature sensor, after which the relationship between pressure, temperature and volume can be quantified.

How can the ideal gas law apparatus be implemented?

  1. Wireless Kit "Ideal Gas Act"Discover or check the law of ideal gas
  2. Investigate the relationship between pressure and temperature (Gay-Lussac Law)
  3. Investigate the relationship between pressure and volume (Boyle’s law)
  4. Investigate between temperature and volume (Charles’ law)
  5. Calculate the number of moles of air in the syringe from the pressure, temperature and volume measurements


Wireless temperature sensor link PS-3222

The wireless temperature sensor link allows you to connect wirelessly to any PASCO temperature sensor with a 3.5 mm connection.
A wireless temperature probe is included with the Wireless Temperature Sensor link.
The link can be connected to a stainless steel temperature sensor, a skin or surface temperature sensor, an absolute zero sphere and an ideal gas law device.

Wireless Kit "Ideal Gas Act"


Wireless pressure sensor PS-3203

With a wireless pressure sensor, absolute gas pressure can be measured accurately and continuously. The wireless pressure sensor also comes with a 60 ml syringe, tubing and plugs that can be used to test grip strength and hydrostatic pressure.

Wireless pressure sensor functionality:

  • Measures pressure even when the pressure in the system drops below ambient pressure
  • Supports multiple units for different applications (kPa, atm, psi, mmHg, N / m2)
  • Bluetooth connection and long-lasting rechargeable battery

What tests can be performed with a Wireless Pressure Sensor?

  1. Wireless Kit "Ideal Gas Act"Examine the strength of the grip and muscle fatigue
  2. Plant transpiration
  3. Investigate enzyme reactions with hydrogen peroxide and catalase





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