“You have to do it to know science!”

This is PASCO SCIENTIFIC’s approach to organizing the learning process.

We publish reasons why Estonian schools choose teaching aids from Pasco Scientific.

First of all Tallinn University has been using it to train future teachers for over 15 years. This means that there is no need to retrain new staff to supplement school staff. Pasco Scientific offers a free Pasco digital library with hundreds of experiments to simplify lesson planning. Convenient search: by subject and class level. Download editable student labs, teacher notes with installation instructions, software configuration files. Read more in the article “How to quickly plan lessons with new learning devices?”

Second, the quality of goods. The manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on the delivered products and there is a program to replace used equipment with new models.

Thirdly The teaching aids have been developed in detail using the latest innovative technologies, which have been recognized with many educational exhibition awards. For example, a number of wireless digital laboratories. Read more in the article “DIFI.NET introduces PASCO SCIENTIFIC wireless sensors for science education in schools”.

Fourth Smart devices already available at school (tablet on Android, iPad, Chromebook) or student smart devices can be used to reduce the cost of collecting data from digital labs. SPARKVue software is also freely available for download and use. For more information, see “Software from PASCO SCIENTIFIC”.

Fifth DIFI.NET offers free training. We believe that in order to teach, we must constantly learn ourselves. That is why we organize trainings for teachers. We introduce them to technologies and the STEM approach when students become teacher assistants in the technical part. In addition, PASCO SCIENTIFIC produces many self-study videos. Read more about PASCO SCIENTIFIC digital learning – wireless sensors.

Sixth , ease of use. This video shows how the digital sensors in the PASCO SCIENTIFIC kits are used with the SPARKVue software.

Over time, sensors and the usability of programs to visualize the data collected will improve, but PASCO SCIENTIFIC’s approach to organizing the learning process remains: you need to do this to know science!

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