Building trust is by no means the least important part of training future engineers. The student should be able to reasonably defend his position and even if others do not accept it. Explain that many engineering communities have a number of moral principles that apply to engineering practice.
Engineering ethics requires a large number of very similar codes.

As an example, we present the principles of the American Society of Civil Engineers from 2006 here

  1. Engineers must give priority to the safety, health and well-being of citizens and seek to respect the principles of sustainable development in the performance of their professional duties.
  2. Engineers should provide services only in their field.
  3. Engineers should make public statements only objectively and truthfully.
  4. Engineers must act as a trusted agent or authorized representative for each employer or client in professional matters and avoid conflicts of interest.
  5. Engineers must build their professional reputation on the basis of their services and must not compete unfairly with others.
  6. Engineers must act in a way that protects and enhances the honor, integrity and dignity of the engineering profession and must act in a tolerant manner against bribery, fraud and corruption.
  7. Engineers should pursue their professional development throughout their careers and provide professional development opportunities for the engineers they lead.

As an example, write an essay on: Galileo Galilei’s involvement in defending Copernicanism.

Deal with the class, what it meant then. It will be recalled that it was not until 1992. In 2006, Pope John Paul II gave a speech in which he acknowledged Galileo as an excellent physicist and regretted that the theologians who had decided on the scientist had taken the text of the scriptures too literally. Until then, the Vatican had never publicly acknowledged that the earth revolved around the sun.

Responsibility is the reverse of self-confidence. For example, during the reign of Alexander II, the engineers who built the bridge were required to monitor the passage of the first train across the bridge from under it. Which meant the inevitability of punishment if the bridge was destroyed.

What should an engineer have at all?

Engineers must prioritize safety, as must engineering ethics. Comprehensive consideration of risks is a guarantee of security and not just for humans. 2006. McDonald’s redesigned McFlurry ice cream sticks under pressure from hedgehog defenders. The fact is that the hedgehogs, licking the remnants of the waste in the discarded cups, sometimes pushed their heads in, but could not push them out and starved to death. To solve this problem, it was necessary to reduce the hole in the lid of the cup so that the hedgehogs could no longer be trapped.

The engineers who designed this playground for Brooklyn focused on its futuristic design and completely forgot about the properties of the materials used. Most of the structures were made of steel, which heated up to 50 degrees during the summer months, making their use dangerous.

A similar story happened at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Its outer walls were covered with steel panels. But already in 2005. In the 19th century, the builders had to slightly change the façade of the building, as the metal became a powerful reflector of solar radiation and all the residents of the nearby home suffered from unreasonably high temperatures.

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