Wireless Pressure Sensor

The Wireless Pressure Sensor is a combination wireless and USB sensor that connects to a computer or tablet device through Bluetooth, and can also connect to a computer with a USB cable (included). The sensor measures pressure in the range between 0 kilopascals (kPa) and 400 kPa (approximately four atmospheres).

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Make accurate and consistent measurements of gas pressure, regardless of ambient conditions, and explore how chemical reactions affect gas pressure. In combination with a temperature probe, study the Empirical Gas Laws.  Can also be used in applications that previously required our Low Pressure/Barometer sensor.

The Teaching Advantage

Measures pressure relative to an internal sealed reference vacuum, which allows the collection of reliable data even when the pressure within a system drops below ambient pressure.

Supports common units (kPa, atm, psi, mmHg, or N/m2) for many applications

Typical Applications

  • Measure transpiration rates
  • Measure osmosis and pressure changes inside a model cell
  • Measure rates of enzyme catalyzed reactions
  • Conduct weather experiments
  • Measure changes in elevation
  • Measure chemical reaction rates
  • Measure respiration rates
  • Conduct air foil studies
  • Model a human lung.
  • Study Vapor Pressure vs Temperature
  • Add a temp sensor to investigate Gas Laws (Ideal, Charles’, Boyle’s)

Special Features

  • Bluetooth® and USB connectivity with a long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Logs pressure data directly onto the sensor for long-term experiments for activities that couldn’t be performed using sensors previously.
  • No interface required! Connects directly to your devices via Bluetooth® Smart.
  • Includes a syringe, tubing and the connectors and locks you need for an array of pressure experiments.


  • Pressure Sensor
  • 0.6m (2ft) polyurethane plastic tubing
  • Double barbed tube connector
  • Male barbed Luer lock connector (2)
  • Female barbed Luer lock connector
  • 60cc syringe
  • USB Cable (for recharging and optional direct connection)


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