Is Computational Thinking a familiar term? Then you surely know how important it is to teach children the basics of programming from an early age. Programming is one of the most in-demand skills in today’s job market, and by learning it, kids can increase their creativity, critical thinking, and self-confidence!

Robo Wunderkind’s robotics kit is a good helper in learning programming. Robo is suitable for use in both kindergarten and primary school (ages 5-12). Children can control Robo using a joystick in-app or with visual programming languages (Blockly). The price indicated on the website includes free delivery of the parcel machine within the borders of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Robo Wunderkind Educational Kit
Robo Wunderkind Education Kit
Robo Wunderkind Education Kit is an award-winning modular robotics kit that introduces children 5-12 to the essentials of programming and...
Robo Wunderkind Extension Kit
Complete your robotics kit with the Robo Wunderkind Extension Kit. Robo Wunderkind HITSA

What can a child gain by learning to program with the Robo Wunderkind Robotics Kit?

Are you an innovative teacher and want to diversify children’s learning by exploring the basics of programming? Check out the Robo Wunderkind Education Robotics Kit.

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