Robo Wunderkind Education Kit

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Robo Wunderkind Education Kit is an award-winning modular robotics kit that introduces children 5-12 to the essentials of programming and robotics.

Build your robots from easy to complex with the help of color-coded, tactile, LEGO®-compatible building blocks. Program and remote control your inventions with the help of movements, sounds, light effects, various sensors. Countless ways to program – set triggers, loops, and conditions, create functions, routines, and variables. Easy-to-use, resilient and durable.

One kit is perfect for 2-4 students. Comes with three intuitive apps and a comprehensive curriculum. Ideal for all educators that want to introduce their students to coding, be it in a Computer Science or interdisciplinary lessons.

Approved by HITSA | ProgeTiigerEducation Alliance Finland


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Robo Wunderkind is a STEAM robotics kit that gives children as young as 5 y.o. the opportunity to build their own robots and program them in a fun and playful way.

“Smart Flashlight”, “Robo Cat”, “Racing Car” – this is only a little that a child can create from these blocks. Let the child’s fantasy fly with Robo!

The kit can be supplemented indefinitely with Robo Wunderkind Extension Kit. It is also possible to upgrade the robot with LEGO® bricks, LEGO® Technic, and LEGO® Duplo parts (thanks to LEGO adapters).


  • Connect via Bluetooth
  • Free app for iOS, Android, Windows
  • 3 programming interfaces
  • LEGO® adapters can be used to attach LEGO® blocks to the robot
  • Infinitely expandable kit
  • Battery life over 5 hours
  • Storage in a Gratnells® tray
  • Access to learning materials and lesson ideas

What does the Robo Wunderkind robotics kit give a child?

With Robo Wunderkind kits and ready-made learning materials, children can develop:

  • STEAM;
  • logical and algorithmic thinking;
  • attention span;
  • work in pairs and groups;
  • analyzing, summarizing and providing constructive feedback;
  • spatial thinking;
  • setting up and solving the problem.

In addition, children can experience new knowledge in the field of IT and stimulate their imagination and creativity.

Robo Wunderkind App

Robo Wunderkind ( AppStore | Google Play | Microsoft Store )

An application that combines 3 programming interfaces.

  • Robo Live. Build your own control panel. Control the modules directly from a phone or tablet and see real-time feedback from the sensors.
  • Robo Code. Drag and drop actions on the screen, connect them in sequences and loops, use sensors to control the flow.
  • Robo Blockly. Based on Blockly and Scratch – the most popular visual programming interface on the planet developed by MIT. Connect the blocks of code in a sequence. Create lists and functions.

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