Suitcase of hooped lenses

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Suitcase of hooped lenses – a set for physics lessons to carry out experiments on phocometry. The set is most suitable in junior/senior high school classes.

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Experiments that can be performed with this suitcase:


The set includes:

18 components including:
8 mineral glass lenses Ø 40, focal length: F+50, +100, +200, +500, -100, -150, -200, -500 mm
2 mirrors Ø 40: 1 flat and 1 flat/concave F -200 mm
8 diaphragms metal Ø40
Lenses and mirrors hooped with serigraphy (focal length)

Optics suitcase features:

Dimensions suitcase: 240 x 200 x 45 mm
Total weight: 390 g
Packaging: individual suitcase.

Advantages of the Suitcase of hooped lenses:

  • Different optical experiments in only one product.
  • Serigraphy ensures a quick recognition of the focal length.
  • Perfect storage unit to identify missing pieces.
  • Each piece can be sold separately.

School level

Junior and senior high schools.


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