Photon Magic Dongle

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A small device – a big game changer! Photon Magic Dongle allows you to connect the robot with a computer, thanks to which you can use an interactive board during classes with Photon, as well as explore the secrets of advanced programming. Just insert the adapter into your computer’s USB port and download the free Photon Magic Bridge program from here.

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After installing the program, the teacher will have access not only to the Photon EDU application but also to programs popular in education: Scratch and MakeCode, as well as JavaScript and Python programming languages.

A small device that allows you to:

  • Integration of the robot with the computer,
  • Using the interactive whiteboard during classes with a robot,
  • Programming using Scratch, Blockly, MakeCode, Python and other tools,
  • Programming up to 8 Photons simultaneously from one computer.


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