Horizon Energy Box

The Renewable Energy Box provides a complete understanding of how fuel cell technology interacts with renewable energy sources to create an entirely sustainable power grid. Solar power, wind energy, kinetic energy from a hand crank and a demonstration of the incredible storage potential of a super capacitor. There’s a range of fuel cells to compare: PEM hydrogen fuel cell, the salt water fuel cell and a direct ethanol fuel cell. Countless experiments, so many scientific principles at work and plenty of space for creativity

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  • Fuel cell science from fuel cell experts: PEM, direct ethanol, salt water and reversible fuel cells in one kit.
  • Introduction to renewable energy: solar panel, wind turbine, temperature cell and hand crank.
  • Includes super capacitor to demonstrate the latest in energy storage technology.
  • Includes CD with curriculum content for 40 hours of classroom activities.

Experiments & Activities

✔ Solar energy experiments

  1. The effect of heat and cooling on solar panels
  2. The effect of shade on solar panels
  3. The effect of tilt angle on solar panels
  4. Finding the solar panel’s maximum power point
✔ Thermal energy experiments

  1. Power a fan with two heat sources
  2. Analyze power generation with the Renewable Energy Monitor
  3. Understand thermoelectric effect
✔ Hydrogen energy experiments

  1. Electrolysis mode: generating hydrogen and oxygen from water
  2. Fuel cell mode: generating electricity from hydrogen and oxygen
  3. Determining the minimum voltage for water decomposition
  4. Polarization states for hydrogen fuel cells
✔ Mechanical / electrical energy experiments

  1. Explore the concept of hand crank energy generation
  2. Explore the concept of super capacitor energy storage
  3. Power a fan with electrical energy from the super capaci- tor
  4. Power a fan with mechanical energy from the hand crank
✔ Wind energy experiments

  1. How many blades are best – 1, 2, 3 … More?
  2. Using three different curved blade shapes
  3. Using blades you make yourself
  4. Turbine efficiencies
  5. Measuring rpm
  6. Tuning for maximum power
  7. How blade angle or pitch affects output power
  8. The process of hydrogen generation
✔ Salt water energy experiments

  1. Create energy from salt water solution and power a fan
  2. Analyze current and voltage variation using different salt concentrations
  3. Analyze current and voltage variations using different temperatures
  4. Analyze current and voltage variations using different fuel volumes
✔ Bio-energy experiments

  1. Create electricity from ethanol and water
  2. Exploring polarity
  3. Ethanol fuel consumption
  4. Exploring the effect of varying fuel concentrations
  5. Create electricity from wine and beer
  6.  Exploring the effects of temperature
✔ Multi energy powered car experiments

  1. Power a car with a hydrogen fuel cell (reversible and mini
    fuel cell)
  2. Power a car with a salt water fuel cell
  3. Power a car with solar energy
  4. Power a car with a super capacitor and hand crank
  5. Power a car with different forms of hydrogen (hydrogen
    gas and hydrogen hydride)


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