In order to have a desire to learn, you need to understand the goal you are striving for. After all, as is known from the foundations of pedagogy, only a stimulus (external influence or threat) and one’s own desire motivate one to study. I suppose each of us would choose our own desire as a motivator. Then the role of the teacher is to explain what awaits the graduate of the school outside of it, what professions are now in demand. Our world is rapidly changing. Let’s talk about what awaits future first-graders at the end of the gymnasium.

Technologies and professions of the future:

For the last quarter of a century, the phrase has been loudly heard: “Discoveries are born at the intersection of sciences!” And the trend seems to continue. So not long ago, we still had no idea that the skills of an architect would find application in game design, and vice versa, the skills of building a virtual environment would be needed in order to sell apartments even before the construction of the house, showing a realistic 3D model of the apartment and the view from the window. Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are developing rapidly and encourage everyone who is going to link their career with design or engineering to learn geometry. Yes, knowledge of stereometry and spatial vision will be useful for designers of 3D printing of building and other elements. It is already possible to print a piece of powdered metal or even print an entire house. And the architects of virtual reality, in addition to geometry, will also need safety equipment. Remember this state if you are not comfortable sitting or sawing. This is also knowledge from the field of ergonomics, which can also be used.

The profession of architects will only slightly differ from the profession of an architect of zero-energy houses. Houses that will not only save energy, but also produce it themselves from the environment. So physics with programming must be added to geometry. Since the internal systems of the house will have to function as a whole. The same items will be useful to the builders of “smart” roads. In the near future, the concept of Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) will come into use. car for everything. Which means that the computer systems of cars will begin to communicate not only with each other and traffic lights, but also with your smart watch, for example. Already now, automotive giants BMW, KIA are designing dark factories, and in the future their number will only increase. Yes, for those who are not familiar with the concept of dark factories, these are fully automated robotic productions where the presence of people is not required, and therefore there is no need to turn on the light.

Analysts and statisticians, what is their job?

Another job that will fit in the list of professions of the future. An ever-increasing amount of data will lead to an increase in demand for analysts who require knowledge not only of mathematics, but of individual profiled subjects. For example, the public sector may require a neuroeconomics analyst. And, accordingly, knowledge of statistics, human studies, sociology and psychology will be useful to him. The field of the Internet of Things will lead to new specialties that will analyze the large amount of data generated by sensors at work and at home in order to increase comfort conditions or increase the sale of manufacturers. For example, one of the companies is now collecting patterns – sets of harmonics generated by electrical appliances during operation. Each device is unique and having a database in the electric meter or reading parameters from it, it will be possible to find out what brand and model the refrigerator works in your home without entering the house, and therefore, offer a new more energy efficient one.

If we talk about computer professions, then much more attention will be paid to cyber security, where logic and accuracy, consistency, as well as speed in decision-making are needed. Moreover, in this sector there will be a wide range of professions from simple ones related to the audit of the safety of personal data, to those requiring a creative approach as a tester of IT security systems, when they intend to look for gaps for their subsequent elimination.

What type of developers are in demand now?

Regarding developers, most likely the trend towards universalization will continue. Full stack developers are already in the price. They have their favorite parts of the project, but their level of knowledge should be enough. So, it’s all about universals. Modern programmers will attest that a programmer is learning all the time while working. And in order to be noticed, you need to learn how to study effectively, find answers spending a minimum amount of time, and study not according to need, but according to the direction. Not only when you need to find the answer to the current question, but also when you think ahead about future changes in order to keep the costs associated with changes to a minimum. One of the most popular development approaches is Agile. One of the fundamental principles is constant adaptation to changing circumstances. The team must systematically analyze how they can improve performance and adjust their work style accordingly. Working in groups or pairs at school is a great opportunity to practice.

Let’s continue about software developers as part of the creative process. Due to economic reasons, the creative element is about to decline as mass products continue to evolve along the path of modularity. And it is quite possible that the system architect profession will become more popular, although its functionality will be somewhat revised. If now we have to create a system from scratch, then the task will be set as a selection of ready-made components, taking into account their compatibility and load, openness, etc. The same will happen with automation. Cloud services will allow you to connect control controllers and components into systems. And using control, search, analysis algorithms, they will be systematized and connected to the project as libraries. Those. The popular expression about the invention of the bicycle will also reach IT systems, as well as automation systems, including robots.

Robotics and the implications and its rapid growth:

In connection with the development of robotics, centers of competence in robotics will appear. And they will fix and tune leased or rented-for-a-service robots. Perhaps this type of profession will be called Robot DevOps. Now DevOps is associated with the maintenance or deployment of an IT service or software product, but for robots that have their own operating system, this will also be very relevant, only the tasks of Robotic DevOps will be in reprogramming robots for individual customer needs. This will apply to all mass models of robots that will not be able to directly share the knowledge gained among themselves so that the doomsday predicted in the Terminator movie does not come. I believe that this will lead to a special section in jurisprudence. It is possible that the forensic department will also be supplemented with special employees who will compare the logs of the systems’ actions to identify the culprit. Since already now the question of guilt requires strict regulation. And there is a choice.

How can you act in such a situation?

You can blame the developer, the seller, the owner, the operator, the control operator, the responsible user. And most likely in different countries it will be regulated differently. Therefore, there will be experts in adapting control systems to the laws of a particular state or groups of states using a common standard.

Problems that will be associated with the professions of the future:

Let fans of flying games in 3D rejoice. Like the profession of a crane operator now, the profession of a drone or quadcopter operator will also be in demand. Moreover, this sphere will be much more regulated than it is now. Each drone will have a transponder. Thanks to this, like an airplane in flight, to inform everyone around who its owner is. Analogue of the registration number of the car. As you know, without a state registration number, movement is prohibited. This means that soon there will be services that regulate air traffic. There will also be groups that react at low altitudes and, consequently, force violators to land. How do you like the profession of “drone catcher”, which will probably be called more impressively, for example, Dron Inspection Policeman. More paid positions will be held by the coordinators of the joint work of drones or robots.
In general, orient students to the fact that skills will be valued later. Skills to quickly get involved in the process, comprehensively evaluate, check on a model or a test group, be able to set a problem for resolution. In order to be more in demand in the labor market, this must be learned at school. Then they will get an advantage and the question: “Are you studying?” – will be able to answer: “I already know how!”.

Computers . Watch a movie about quantum computers that will begin to enter our lives by this time. And consequently, there will be a need to configure them, assemble them, and develop new circuits.

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