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Sanako Connect

Sanako Connect – an online language learning platform for schools, vocational training centres and universities that helps teachers save time, improve students’ language skills and effortlessly organise language lessons in the classroom and in hybrid and distance learning formats.

If you need licenses in special quantities or for a longer period than 1 year, please contact us by email ask[@] The minimum number of licences to be purchased is 15.


A technological solution for language teachers «Sanako Connect»

Sanako Connect – a complete online learning platform that provides everything language teachers need to deliver live or asynchronous learning in and out of the classroom.

Key features of the language learning platform

Sanako Connect helps to optimize teaching time and increases the options for speaking

Connect helps you work on the most difficult parts of the language learning process: intonation, speaking and pronunciation. With it, you can increase your students’ speaking practice time by up to 10X compared to what you can achieve with traditional teaching methods.

All the features are tailored for language teachers like grouping and pairing students

Connect has been developed in partnership with language teachers and all its features are used in real-life language learning. Connect allows all students to practice speaking and conversation at the same time, in groups or pairs. Teachers can listen and give feedback in real time.

Different types of written, oral and speaking exercises

In Connecti you can easily create different types of exercises using the built-in templates. It is designed to support a wide range of teaching methods such as CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), TBLT (Task-Based Language Teaching) and other proven and effective methods.

Share exercises, materials, assess students and give feedback - all on one platform.

Teachers can choose which exercises and materials to share with their students and when. In addition, the teacher can also share them with colleagues from the same organisation (school).

The teacher can give oral or written feedback on the exercises submitted by the students.

Why is Sanako Connect a good language learning solution for schools, vocational schools and universities?

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Number of licenses

15 (1 year), 30 (1 year), 50 (1 year), 100 (1 year), Demo (14 days)


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