Wireless pH sensor

We want to introduce some digital tools that ease your research processes.

Still using pH test papers? If, so, then the Wireless pH sensor (PS-3204 ) from USA manufacturers PASCO Scientific will be helpful for you. For example, if you want to measure how the pH level changes during titration, install the free SPARKvue app on your smart device and track the changes on the graph with an accuracy of ± 0,1 pH. The sensor works on a coin battery (CR2032) with a life span of 1,5 years.

The special nature of the wireless pH sensor allows for a change of probe, and thanks to this, the functionality of the sensor can be easily supplemented. For example, if you want to know food or skin, or hair care products pH level, purchase an additional pH probe (PS-3514), which allows you to measure the pH of solids with low moisture content. To determine the concentration of chlorine or nitrate ions, see the electrodes here.

The unit price of the PASCO pH sensor is 124* euros (+VAT). The unit price of the PASCO pH probe is 95* euros (+VAT).

Find more in STE.eduation catalogs. To purchase, add the sensor to the quote (“Add to quote” button).

*Prices are valid until 30.11.2021

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