Wireless Motion Sensor

Wireless Motion Sensor PS-3219 measures position, velocity, and acceleration of objects using ultrasound technology and streams the data directly to your devices.


  • Reports position, velocity, and acceleration
  • False Target Rejection Technology for clean data
  • Clips directly to PASCO dynamics tracks
  • Rod clamp for mounting
  • 180° pivoting head
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Bluetooth® or USB connectivity


The Wireless Motion Sensor measures position, velocity, and acceleration of objects using ultrasound. Students can measure themselves and watch their motion graphed in real-time.

The fact that the sensor is wireless means no cables to get in the way which is key for hand held, or ceiling mounted applications and it connects directly to your devices via Bluetooth® or USB.

Typical Applications

  • Discover the relationship between position, velocity, and acceleration
  • Investigate conservation of Energy and momentum of cart collisions
  • MatchGraph! – free motion graphing app
  • Measure the motion of moving objects
  • Measure objects in free fall
  • Measure how air resistance affects falling objects
  • Investigate frames of reference
  • Investigate simple harmonic motion
  • Model seafloor mapping

How It Works

The Wireless Motion Sensor can detect objects within a range of 15 cm to 4 m away. The Wireless Motion Sensor uses echolocation, similar to a dolphin or a bat. In order to determine the distance to an object, an ultrasonic pulse is emitted from the sensor which then listens for a signature ‘echo’ reflected back from the object’s surface. The distance to the object is calculated based on the time of flight between the ultrasonic pulse to the detected echo, and the speed of sound.

Measurements of velocity and acceleration are derived algorithmically using numerical methods. This provides a balanced approach to calculating numerical derivatives which yields noise reduction while minimizing smoothing effects on high frequency peaks.

MatchGraph! APP

Within the STEM approach is convenient to use a wireless motion sensor along with the program MatchGraph! MatchGraph! Is free software for Mac or Windows computers and is available as a free app download for mobile. Download it here. Software, an ideal way to teach the concepts of motion graphing, interpreting graphs, and rate of change or slope.

Wireless Motion Sensor and Wireless Smart Carts can be connected via Bluetooth and used with our MatchGraph APP

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Wireless Motion Sensor + the FREE MatchGraph! App


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