“We believe VR/AR technology has the potential to be a standard tool in education and could revolutionise the way in which students are taught for both the K-12 segment (pre-college) and higher education.”

Dave Dolan Veative VR Learn director of product management

How immersive Virtual Realty is changing Education:


Research suggests that visualisation and a VR environment strengthen the connection between a student and a concept, possibly heightening retention. It is about participating in the learning process, having actual/virtual experiences, and enjoying the process in a self-paced, self-directed environment. When students are inside a virtual environment, they are far less prone to distractions such as other students, phones, and so on. This promotes focused attention on core concepts. Built-in learner feedback and tracked assessment ensure that learners stay on task.


VEATIVE VR Library has 650+ Interactive modules. It gives learning interaction: in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, Language Learning. Every module consists of: a learning objective, attention to a core concept, and assessments within the learning environment. Explore Veative Library here. Overview of Content is in a video below.


Physics is an extremely important subject, which allows us to connect with the physical world. Its inherent complexity can be intimidating, as students can easily doubt whether they are up to the task. But removing that sense of intimidation for learners can be empowering and inspiring. Using immersive experiences promotes that connection between learner and the concept, inspiring greater inquiry.


Chemistry can be a difficult subject to grasp as learners are often confused by obscure terms and processes. Instructors are always on the lookout for ways to allow students to realize that chemistry manifests itself in everyday life. Distraction-free learning, inside a virtual environment, is  conducive to engaging learners in focused attention on difficult concepts.


Life is a wonder, and learning about the intricacies of the world around us, at a biological level, is now within the grasp of learners. Enter into a plant, become a part of an ecosystem, and feel a connection with the smallest particles that make up the basis of life. From genes to proteins, or cells to protoplasm, immersion into this world brings life.


Matemaatilisi kontseptsioone ei ole alati lihtne visualiseerida, tekitades õpilastele raskusi, kes lihtsalt ei saa sellest aru. Veative on aga võtnud kasutusele mõned huvitavad tehnikad õpilaste tutvustamiseks matemaatika maailmaga, ühendades raskesti haaratavad ideed reaalse maailma olukorrad, kõik av irtuaalne maailm ! Kui hulktahukas pole enam lame kujutis, vaid 3D, interaktiivne objekt , see hakkab loogilisemaks muutuma. Kui seda objekti saab uurida seest , aktiveeritakse ruumiline luure ja sügavam mõistmine on õppijate käeulatuses.


A sense of wonder is what we wish to awaken. Students don’t always get a chance to visit and explore some of the wonders of the world. Imagine taking your learners to majestic places such as Eiffel tower and Taj Mahal  through immersive technology. This allows students to not only feel what it is like in Paris or Agra, but learn about its architect and design at the very  same time.


VR enables real life experiences, in the safe and comfortable environment needed to ignite language learning. Role-play situations can be enhanced by interacting with virtual people. Scenario-based modules allow a connection between the scene, the context, and the target language. This airport scenario brings learners into a new world, and helps to arouse a desire to learn more.

What is the process for a school to get started?

The main challenge is the hardware. Schools can use their own or ask us a Virtual Reality Classroom Pack. VR CONTENT LIBRARY works with all major VR devices.

Compatibility list

  • Veative VR content also works with all major VR standalone consoles i.e. Oculus Go, PICO VR, Samsung Gear VR & Google DayDream.
  • The handheld controller enables interactivity and navigation, increasing student engagement by promoting active participation
  • Perform virtual experiments and manipulate objects from within an immersive environment

Learning Management PLATFORM

Once the hardware issue is taken care of, next is content. Each student and teacher has their own account. Veative has administrative tools and personalized User Profiles.

Which is necessary a teacher has analytics to schools on usage, assessment scores, proficiency with respect to cognitive domains. Veative provides its own proprietary reporting system for teachers and students to view analytics. Analytics data can also be sent to any other LMS/LRS system (capable of retrieving results), used by schools. The analytics system is supporting our offline version that stores results locally and syncs with the server when an internet connection is available.


VR opens up many possibilities, and obviously not just in traditional schools. Specialized training, such as for medical procedures, is already happening. Difficult and dangerous job training can greatly benefit from the benefits of doing these tasks virtually while gaining skill and “time in the task.” The virtual world creates a safe environment for learning, so if you make a wrong incision for safe environment, or set off an explosion in a power plant, VR offers second chances that life often doesn’t.

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