Wiring diagram set

Physics kit for making electrical diagrams. This kit would make it easier for students to explain electrical circuits, the laws of physics, and perform experiments. Suitable for schools.
The kit consists of 95 parts, including 1x Wireless Voltmeter (PS-3211) and 1x Wireless Current Sensor Module (EM-3534).



The electrical circuit preparation kit was specially developed as an introduction to the study of electrical circuits.

This set is well suited for schools, as it consists of several parts (95) and the dimensions of the modules are 8cm x 8cm, which is relatively large, thanks to which students can see and understand the circuit around the table. The kit can be used to apply Kirchhoff’s laws, to test different circuits (switched / open / closed), RC and RCL circuits and electric motors.

Each module mechanically connects to the other by sliding the tabs into each other. No special surface is required for testing – work can be done on any table top.

Wiring diagram set

The set can be used for 11 tests:

  1. Voltage and batteries
  2. Resistance and Ohm’s Law
  3. Serial and parallel connection
  4. Electricity and energy
  5. Electromagnets
  6. Electromagnetic induction
  7. Variable resistance
  8. LED circuits
  9. Compound circuits
  10. Circuits and electricity
  11. Capacitors

The included sensors can be connected via Bluetooth to PASCO SPARKvue and Capstone software. If desired, the sensors can also be connected to your computer via USB.

SPARKvue is software that can monitor and process data from sensors. The software is free for Chromebooks, iOS and Android smartphones (phone, tablet). Computers running MacOS and Windows require a SPARKvue license.

PASCO Capstone software is also good for data collection, display and analysis. Compared to SPARKvue software, Capstone is already the next step and is designed more for laboratories of physics and engineering institutes.

A short overview video about the Wiring Diagram Kit:


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