SeeSV-S205 Real-Time Portable Sound Camera

SeeSV-S205 Real-Time Portable Sound Camera

  • Configuration-based, acoustic camera acquisition
  • Integrated hardware design for fast setup
  • Light weight makes it easy to search out noise sources
  • Data stored as TDMS files to simplify postprocessing


Portable Sound camera (SeeSV-S205) is a real-time handheld sound camera which implements FPGA-based high speed beamforming technology. It is developed for Buzz, Squeak and Rattle (BSR) noise source detection as well as Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) source visualization. It displays transient noise effectively due to its high image per second update rate. The unique design of SeeSV-S205 makes measuring sound easy.

The SeeSV-S205 has 30 microelectromechanical system digital microphones arranged in five spiral arrays. Using a beamforming algorithm running on the FPGA, the acoustic camera can detect and locate both stationary and moving noise sources. A high-resolution optical camera in the middle of the device records images at a rate of 25 fps. The resulting high-speed colormap overlay and video are ideal for identifying transient sources of noise.

The SeeSV-S205 comes with configuration-based software to simplify the process of recording acoustic data. This complete system makes creating acoustic camera videos or logging microphone data for postprocessing easy.

Main Features:

  • Real-time Sound Imaging
  • High Speed Image Update, 25 FPS
  • Impulsive Noise Detection
  • Optimized for BSR detection
  • Auto Image Ranging Function
  • Converting to AVI/WAV & TDMS File
  • Real-Time Frequency Adjustment 
  • Linear/Exponential Image Averaging
  • Effective Post Processing
  • FFT and Octave Analysis
  • Light Weight at 2.0kg



784512-35 Data Review LabVIEW API for SeeSV-S205 
784513-35 Data Acquisition LabVIEW API for SeeSV-S205  
784514-35 Post Processing Software-SeeSV-S205 

Quick Start Tutorial for Sound Camera

Sound Camera in use

Portable Sound Camera SeeSV-S205 overview

Engine test

Video embedding powered by Webilop

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