Robo Wunderkind Explorer Pro

The Explorer Pro set consists of durable blocks and is suitable for children from 5 years of age.
Robo Wunderkind Pro robotics kit helps children to learn robotics easily and interestingly.
Suitable for use in school, hobby school, kindergarten and school.


Robo Wunderkind is a good solution for teaching children the basics of robotics and code writing with ease. Using the Robo Wunderkind Pro kit, it is possible for a child to construct different robots. It is possible to make a robot car that can be controlled using the Robo Live application, or instead build a robot that can turn around and move your hand.


  • The connection is via Bluetooth
  • Suitable for both iOS and Android devices
  • Three applications that can be played with a robot
  • LEGO® adapters can be used to attach LEGO® blocks to the robot
  • Battery life up to 5h
  • Fast charging (3h)
  • The set is made of hypoallergenic materials
  • The set can be supplemented indefinitely

To check Robo Wunderkind software:

Robo Live ( AppStore | Google Play )

The application allows you to control Robo Wunderkind robot via Bluetooth. You can play with robots by dragging various functions to the desktop, which can be used to move the robot, create various sound signals, flash fire and much more. The application is suitable for even the smallest.Robo Wunderkind Explorer Pro

Robo Code ( AppStore | Google Play )

With the help of the application it is possible to control Robo Wunderkind by coding the robot. With a simple design and user interface, coding and robotics are easily accessible to even the smallest ones. In the application it is possible to mark the direction of the robot’s movement, lamp colors, audible signals, functionality at the touch of a button and much more.Robo Wunderkind Explorer Pro

Robo Blockly ( AppStore | Google Play )

In the application it is possible to control Robo Wunderkind using a block-based visual programming language. The application also helps to develop math skills due to the fact that manipulating variables adds a lot of math to the code. The application has a total of 9 different coding elements that can be used to create various events, movements, visual effects, beeps, functions and more.Robo Wunderkind Explorer Pro

The software is available for free on iOS and Android devices.


Robo Wunderkind Explorer Pro

HITSA brief introduction to Robo Wunderkind robotics kit here .

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