Physics Laboratory Toolkit UI-5830

The Physics Lab Kit UI-5830 is for mechanics, heat, light, sound and electromagnetism.


The UI-5830 Physics Lab Kit is for mechanics, heat, light, sound and electromagnetism.

Each laboratory consists of student instructions in a Word document that the instructor can modify at his or her discretion, a PASCO Capstone configuration file ready for data collection, a Capstone file with sample data, and all laboratory equipment required for the experiment.

This system was designed to use both wireless and wired sensors with the 550 universal interface UI-5001, which acts as a DC power supply and function generator.

Nb! You need to connect this product to your computer PASCO universal interface UI-5001 . It is not included. It is believed that the universal interface UI-5001 was previously purchased.

Download the English laboratory operation manual. 356 p. [UI-5831 katsejuhend PDF 30Mb].

What is PASCO Capstone? Read the introductory article LTT block.

What’s included

1x Universal 550 Physics Test Guide (UI-5831) in English (for Capstone Software)
1x smart trolley (red) (ME-1240)
1x smart trolley (blue) (ME-1241)
1x weight (2 pcs) (ME-6757A)
1x Smart Trolley Rod Base Adapter (ME-1244)
1x Fan Smart Trolley Accessory (ME-1242)
1x 1.2 m aluminum dynamic track (ME-9493)
1x rail clamp (ME-9836)
1x Dynamics Track Beams (Pair) (ME-8972)
1x Dynamic Track Collision Limits (2 packs) (ME-8971)
1x elastic bumper (ME-8998)
1x bumper accessory set (ME-9884)
1x IDS spring set (ME-8999)
1x friction block (ME-9807)
1x striped strip (ME-9377A)
1x Silicon set
1x mini cannon (ME-6825B)
1x mini ballistic pendulum accessory (ME-6829)
2x photo gate head (ME-9498A)
1x photo gate mounting bracket (ME-6821A)
1x PASPORT rotary motion sensor (PS-2120A)
1x rotary inertia accessory (ME-3420)
1x Wireless Acceleration / Altimeter (PS-3223)
1x density kit (ME-8569A)
1x sound sensor with microphone (UI-5101)
1x tuning fork set (SE-7342)
1x resonant air column (WA-9606)
1x mini speaker (WA-9605)
2x calorimeter cup with lid
1x radiation canisters (TD-8570A)
1x ideal gas equipment (TD-8596A)
1x PASPORT four temperature sensor (PS-2143)
1x Charge Manufacturers and Proof Airplane (ES-9057C)
1x Faraday ice cream (ES-9042A)
1x conductive spheres (ES-9059C)
1x electrostatic voltage source (ES-9077)
1x field mapping kit (PK-9023)
1x modular circuits
1x modular circuit expansion kit (EM-3540)
1x PASPORT charging sensor (PS-2132)
1x wireless current sensor module (EM-3534)
2x voltage sensor (uncovered) (UI-5100)
1x band magnets, pair (SF-7263)
1x large rod base (ME-8735)
1x 90 cm stainless steel rod (ME-8738)
1x 45 cm stainless steel rod (ME-8736)
1x weight and hanger set (ME-8979)
1x super pulley with clip (ME-9448B)
1x large table clamp (ME-9472)
1x pendulum clamp (ME-9506)
2x Multi-Clamp (ME-9507)
1x PASPORT absolute pressure sensor (PS-2107)
1x basic optical system (OS-8515C)
1x adjustable focal length lens (OS-8494)
1x PASPORT High Sensitivity Light Sensor (PS-2176)
1x Precision Diffraction Slit (OS-8453)
1x red diode laser (OS-8525A)
1x Polarization Analyzer (OS-8533A)
1x Linear Translator (OS-8535A)
1x pulley mounting rod (SA-9242) buy cheap online
1x knee pad (SE-7347)
1x Braided Physics Cord (SE-8050)
1x banana plug wire-red (5 packs) (SE-9750)


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