PASCO //code.Node and SPARKvue set

This set includes //code.Node widgets with accessories and a SPARKvue software license for the whole school (school at one address).


The PASCO //code.Node and SPARKvue kit is the ideal solution for the school – students can strengthen their knowledge in science and precision lessons while learning programming and improving their technological literacy and digital literacy.

The set includes:

8 x //code.Node widget
8 x //code.Node widget holders
8 x USB cable for charging
1 x Essential Coding to Learn Teacher’s Manual [EN] 1 x Storage box
1 x SPARKvue software license for school
1 x 10-port USB charging station (60 W)

//code.Node gadget

//code.Node widget has six interactive sensors and four device outputs that measure and respond to phenomena using SPARKvue software. The sensor can be used in science and science lessons such as biology, science and physics. For example, students can study which light bulbs emit more heat and which ones are more energy efficient.
//code.Node connects to your computer via Bluetooth.

SPARKvue software

It is necessary to use special software SPARKvue to collect and analyze data. In addition, this software provides a //code.Node widget with a programmer – students can create the code themselves, how the data received from the sensor is read and what the output is and how the results are saved.
The code is written in the visual Blockly programming language, which does not require special coding skills.

The SPARKvue license is perpetual and only needs to be purchased once and is valid for all school computers, both MS Windows and MacOS X operating systems. All app updates are free.
The license can be installed on all educational computers at the same address (for example, if the primary school is at one address and the upper secondary school is at another, you will need to purchase two licenses if you want to install the software on both the upper secondary and primary school computers).
The software can be installed in the computer classroom as well as in the computers of teachers and students.


PASCO //code.Node and SPARKvue set

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