NI ELVIS Engineering Lab Workstation

The NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) is a modular engineering educational laboratory platform.

• Seven hardware instruments plus control I/O containing 16 AI, 4 AO, and 40 DIO
• 4-channel, 100 MS/s oscilloscope sample rate with 14-bit resolution and 50 MHz bandwidth
• 16-channel, 100 MS/s logic analyzer/pattern generator
• 16-channel, 1 MS/s analog input with 16-bit resolution
• 40 DIO lines individually programmable as input, output, PWM, or digital protocols



Combines 12 commonly used laboratory instruments in a compact, lab-ready form factor to help educators teach engineering concepts.

The NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) Engineering Lab Workstation is a modular engineering educational laboratory platform built for academia. With its hands-on approach, educators can help students learn practical, experimental engineering skills. The NI ELVIS Engineering Lab Workstation includes an oscilloscope, digital multimeter, function generator, variable power supply, Bode analyzer, and other common lab instruments. You can connect a PC to the NI ELVIS Engineering Lab Workstation using USB and build circuits on its detachable proto board. With WiFi, Ethernet and USB connectivity on the NI ELVIS III, and compatibility with both Mac and PC, students can easily work together and rapidly interact with the instruments and online resources to quickly advance their skills to be industry-ready.

NI ELVIS and Software

Software includes interactive web and desktop soft front panels, instrumentation support for Windows and Mac, API support for LabVIEW and text-based languages, shipping examples, and detailed help files.

Download NI ELVIS III Software Bundle

Download Multisim (Multisim is industry standard SPICE simulation and circuit design software for analog, digital, and power electronics in education and research)

How to use NI ELVIS III with Python

Enable WiFi for NI ELVIS III

Different add options to NI ELVIS also to use same base for 

– Mechatronics sensors, actuators, and interfacing

– Analog, digital, and power electronics

– Measurements and instrumentation

– Controls

– Digital communications and signals and systems

– Physics

– Bio-instrumentation, chemistry, and ecology


Each laboratory solution includes course ware and complete experiments, so students can explore theory in the physical laboratory with a safe, in-depth experience. With NI ELVIS at the core of each solution, institutions can use the same solution for countless application areas. This approach to engineering education provides a laboratory that can help accelerate student discovery and reduce the time and effort educators need to build a best-in-class engineering lab.

See the options to your left to explore the various solutions for NI ELVIS. 

NI ELVIS III Instrumentation Video Series: Introduction

NI ELVIS III Instrumentation Video Series: Oscilloscope

NI ELVIS III Instrumentation Video Series: Logic Analyzer

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