Magic carpet Funtronic onEVO

With the Funtronic onEVO interactive floor, children can navigate more and learn something new or consolidate what they have previously learned.


Today’s children spend much of their time on smart devices, which has reduced their mobility. However, exercise is necessary for the child, because exercise has an effect not only on the child’s physical health but also on his or her mental health. Due to lack of exercise, children are increasingly exposed to a variety of health problems (such as obesity and the associated physical and mental problems).

With the Funtronic onEVO interactive floor, children can have fun and navigate. They can also learn something new or consolidate what they have already learned because Funtronic onEVO is aimed at both movement and education. On the interactive floor, children can, for example, play football or learn and repeat English words.

How does Funtronic work?
– The projector projects the image on the floor
– Built-in sensors read data, ie player movement / touch
– Depending on the input received, the reaction / action is returned

How to play?
To play, turn on the Funtronic device with the remote control (this is no longer necessary) and follow the steps designed for the floor.
Gaming is non-contact with the Funtronic device – the player does not touch the device, but touches the floor or makes a movement, and the built-in sensors read the information and return the reaction/action. There is no need to disinfect the device after the game.

Funtronic onEVO immediately comes with 100 base games EVO. EVO games are suitable for kindergartens, nurseries, schools, hobby groups and playrooms, and it can also be placed in other places where families with children stay.

In addition to 100 base games, it is possible to purchase an additional 400+ games. It is also possible to purchase play sets for children with special needs on the interactive floor.

Some games have already been translated into Estonian and Russian.

Magic carpet Funtronic onEVO

The device must be installed on the ceiling and preferably where the nearest power outlet is. It is best to install Funtronic at a height of at least 2.4 meters.

Practical recommendations:
For better image contrast, it is recommended to install Funtronic in a place where there is little sunlight or to install curtains that do not let in light.
You need a WIFI connection to install updates and buy new games – it’s a good idea to install your device where the WIFI connection is good.

Contact us, to test the Funtronic interactive floor. We can show you what games are and how to play. Testing is completely free!

Magic carpet Funtronic onEVO

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