Human Eye Model

Human Eye Model. 

  • good for optics study from physics 
  • good for human anatomy study
  • super for future optometrist labs works.


Explore the optics of normal vision and vision correction, including:

  • Normal vision
  • Near-sightedness
  • Far-sightedness
  • Astigmatism
Use the included plastic lenses to create images for normal vision, far-sightedness, near-sightedness and astigmatism. Additional lenses are placed in front of the eye to correct for vision problems.


OS-8477A – Human Eye Model set:

[1] 3-dimensional working model of the human eye including 2 lenses and water tank to simulate the
vitreous humor
[2] Plastic lenses create images for normal vision, far-sightedness, near-sightedness and astigmatism
[3] Fixed Corneal lens and interchangeable crystalline lens simulate how the eye focus on near and far
[4] Slot for eyeglass lens simulates how vision can be corrected
[5] Variable pupil size demonstrates how the image changes in brightness and clarity
[6] Can be used with the Basic Optics System to assist in measuring size and orientation of illuminated
[7] Focal lengths in Air of Plastic Lenses: +62 mm (+16d), +120 mm (+8.3d), +400 mm (+2.5d), -1000
mm (-1.0d),
-128mm (-7.8d) cylindrical, +307 mm (+3.26d) cylindrical
[8] Corneal Lens Focal Length in Air: +140 mm (+7.1d)
[9] Dimensions: 15 cm x 17 cm x 10 cm high

Lenses and the Human Eye

Basic Optics Accessories

How the Eye Works and the Retina

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Instruction Manual model of the human eye


[PDF] 4,8 Mb English

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