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Nowadays children engaged with smart devices during breaks instead of playing movements games. Being overweight has also become a problem due to a lack of physical inactivity. Funtronic is an unusual interactive tool for elementary schools and kindergartens to solve that problem. Funtronic floor is dedicated to education, exercises, and movement games. The image from the projector is shown on the floor, the camera reads the reverse actions of the player. In this case, the player creates the impression of interaction with virtual objects. For example, you can play football with an imaginary ball. Fun and learning with this interactive floor develop in children large motility, visual-motion coordination, perception, and responsiveness.



Funtronic Floor is an interactive tool for exercises and motion games. It’s easy to use and install all that you need is your school Wi-Fi and nearby socket. The functionality of Funtronic floor is very wide. You can use it in any classroom, hall and on any surface.

Managing the Funtronic interactive floor device is very simple, the same, as controlling the smart TV. It is also carried out via remote control. Using the remote control, you can turn the device on or off, switch between programs, and change settings.

How to play?

Funtronic Floor monitors the image on the floor and detects any movement of participants. Participants can activate interactive elements by moving them with any part of their body (foot, hand, head), making a move above them in the air. In this case, the participant can be in a standing, lying or all-fours position. In short, the intuitive interface will tell you exactly how the participant can move and have fun.

Funtronic Floor is available to buy in different pickings:

  • Fun I or Fun II Package (for nurseries, kindergartens and playgrounds)
  • Edu Package (for schools)
  • Reh Package (for therapeutic and rehabilitation activities)
  • Fun code Package (programming for kindergartens and schools)
  • Cycling Licence Package (for schools)
  • English Package (for kindergartens and schools)
  • Senior Fit Package (for adults and seniors)

Moreover, you can see the games catalogue in manufacture web here.

Funtronic is easily integrated with the STEM learning set PHOTON. Read more about Photon education set here.

For example for kindergartens, Funtronic offers 3 sets with maths, logic, and music games. The average duration of one game is 15 minutes.


All you need to install is a ceiling mount point and the nearest power socket. The electric wire included in the set is 1.5 meters long. The distance from the projector to the floor is adjustable. Optimally, if it is 2.4 meters. School corridors with a floor-to-ceiling height of 3 -3.5 meters are ideal. The kit includes a height-adjustable mounting kit. The mount has four points. You can fix the mount either on screws to the ceiling or on bolts to the rails of the suspended ceiling. The weight of the device is 11 kg. the projection Area on the floor is 2 by 3 meters.

Important, for the safety of the game participants, the distance from the edge of the projection area to the nearest object (for example, a wall) must be at least 0.7 meters. You can project images on any surface (brightness: 3200 ANSI lumens and contrast ratio: 13000: 1).

General recommendations

To get the best contrast of the projected image on a Sunny day, the installation area can be selected with adjustable blinds. You will also need a Wi-Fi connection to manage updates and purchase new games. The connection is set up via the remote connection. But, as a rule, for the first year, the set of games selected when purchasing at the beginning is enough.


The manufacturer’s warranty for the device is 2 years. Statistics show that as of 2018, there are 600 Funtronic devices in the Baltic States. There have been no requests to the guarantee yet. The only Funtronic Floor element that needs periodic inspection is the batteries in the remote control. When the batteries are low, the remote control stops working. In this case, the batteries must be replaced. But this is not a warranty case.
Estimated life of the projector lamp: 4000 hours.

Product contains:

  • Built-in motion detection system
  • Projector
  • Integrated in a case computer
  • Set of interactive games
  • Remote control
  • USB, HDMI, LAN, Audio interfaces
  • Ceiling hanger
  • Power cable
  • User manual in English language

Funtronic Floor

Funtronic Floor - how it works?

Funtronic Floor in retired care House

Funtronic games

Set of games for learning English FUNTRONIC

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Funtronic floor user manual


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