Advanced Biology Kit

The biology kit includes a wireless weather station with GPS, a wireless oxygen sensor, a wireless electrical conductivity sensor, a wireless colorimeter and turbidity sensor, and an Eco incubator.


The set includes:

  • Wireless Weather Station with GPS (PS-3209)
  • Wireless Oxygen Sensor (PS-3224)
  • Wireless Electrical Conductivity Sensor (PS-3210)
  • Wireless colorimeter with turbidity sensor (PS-3215)
  • Eco incubator (ME-6667)

Software: Program Sparkvue is free for iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets + Chromebook. A license is required for MS Windows and MacOS computers. The software license is for an indefinite period, all updates are free, and you only need to purchase a license once, and it applies to all school computers.

Target group: 1.-12. class

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