ELMO CRB-1 interactive pen

The CRB-1 interactive pen is the first PC-free IWB system, that enables you to write directly on a screen or LCD display. However, you can also combine the CRB-1 with your computer. With ease, you can turn your screen into a mobile IWB. It weights only 140 g and can be used in nearly every surrounding.


ELMO CRB-1 interactive pen main features:

  • Interactive presentations with or without PC
  • Annotations on live images or on whiteboard
  • Write on any screen like on a blackboard
  • Easy control of ELMO visualizer
  • Easy to set-up
  • Control your PC like you would with a mouse, but directly on the screen

ELMO CRB-1 interactive pen

There are two ways, to use the CRB – 1

Directly with the ELMO

annotate and draw onto ELMO’s live images without a computer
write directly on your display or projection
Best for annotations on 3D objects
Whiteboard mode
Store all annotations as JPEG files on SD memory card
Comfortable control of all important ELMO functions

ELMO CRB-1 interactive pen

In combination with a PC

Control your PC by touching the projection screen or monitor with the interactive pen
The ELMO software EIT allows annotations on live images and various other backgrounds
Versatile additional functions like adding pictures and notes, recording and annotating videos and much more!

ELMO CRB-1 interactive pen


  • ELMO Interactive Toolbox (EIT) – The ELMO Interactive Toolbox enables very extensive control and interactive use of visualisers.
  • ImageMate – Slim software for camera settings and for displaying the image in windows.

    Supported Windows and Mac OS X. More information is here.

ELMO CRA-1 and CRB-1 usage

ELMO Classroom Solution: setting up & basic operation

ELMO CRB-1 Interactive Pen Calibration

Video embedding powered by Webilop

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CRB-1 Datasheet


[PDF] in English

ELMO CRB -1 User Manual


[PDF] Manual

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