//code.Node gadget

//code.Node The gadget contains six sensors and four outputs. The gadget can be used in science lessons (Physics, Biology) and Computer literacy (programming bases), or Technology.



//code.Node is a turnkey coding solution that combines sensors, block coding, and real-time data display to stimulate computational thinking in STEM learning.

The sensor can be used in science and science lessons such as biology, science and physics. For example, students can study which light bulbs emit more heat and which ones are more energy efficient.

//code.Node gadget contains the following sensors:

  • Light sensor – measures the level of ambient light in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Magnetic field sensor – measures the strength and polarity of magnets and magnetic fields.
  • Motion sensor – measures acceleration.
  • Temperature sensor – measures the ambient air temperature.
  • Sound Sensor – Measures barometric pressure levels to determine the ambient sound level.
  • Instant Switches – Turn programmed instruction functions on and off.


//code.Node connects to your computer, phone, or tablet via Bluetooth.

Two software can be used to display the data – SparkVue and Capstone. Both software can generate code in Blockly language.

SparkVue ( Play Market | AppStore | Chrome Market ) is available for free to all Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets + Chromebooks. The SparkVue license is paid for MacOS and Windows computers. The software license is for an indefinite period, all updates are free, and you only need to purchase a license once, and it applies to all school computers.

Alternatively, it is possible to use, for example, a single tablet and through special applications ( share screen applications) to share the screen on the SmartBoard.

Capstone you need to buy to use the program license .

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