Roqed Science is software designed for the learning process that teachers can use to explain different topics to their students using 3D models, as well as create various presentations, virtual labs and questions.


High-quality visual and interactive software created in the learning process, in which it is possible to study various STEM topics through 3D models.
There are currently accurate 3D models in 9 subjects, such as biology, chemistry, mechanics, zoology, botany, earth science, paleontology, anatomy and microbiology.
There are a lot of 3D models in the software – more than 4300.

Roqed functionalities:

  • Full control over the 3D model, thanks to interactive tools
  • Models can be controlled by an interactive panel with a touch screen or a computer mouse
  • By authoring, you can create and present animated presentations
  • Can be stored on a local computer or in the cloud
  • Scientific terminology and encyclopedia are integrated into the software database
  • Roqed research software with terminology and description is integrated into the software database
  • Learning content available in 8 languages, including Russian and English
  • Possibility to create test questions

Benefits (for students):

    • Assembly and disassembly of objects and their components
    • Performing virtual laboratory work
    • Ability to zoom objects to see details
    • Moving components in the work area
    • The models rotate 360 degrees

Benefits (for teachers):

  • Possibility to create lecture slides and simulations
  • Possibility to create questions for students
  • Creating presentations

The software can be run on a computer with MS Windows, on smart devices with Android and on the Roqed smartboard.

3D Science


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