SmartCart Giant case 3D model

DIY parts with 3D printer for PASCO smart cart

Futurologists say that very soon to repair the car, for example, spare parts will not be sent from the factory, and they will be printed on the requested model on a 3D printer in the workshop for drawings received from the database of the plant that developed and tested the part. In many schools now it is possible to use a 3D printer.

As if anticipating the promises of futurists PASCO SCIENTIFIC offers to expand the functionality of manufactured products using 3D printing. For example, for a smart cart, it is possible to print some additional parts. Use 3D printing for the sake of clarity of the learning process. DIY means do-it-yourself. Use DIY parts for PASCO SCIENTIFIC Smart cart enlargement.

3D cover for smartcart

In the PASCO WEB DIY section you will find 3D models drawing files in the format Solid works (.SLDPRT).

Popular for download statistics is the case for a smart cart. He dresses over a Smart Cart and visually increases it several times. In this case, it can also be demonstrated on a metal rail. This means the built-in encoder works as does the 3-axis accelerometer and gyro.

For the convenience of printing on small printers, the case is divided into parts, which after print are glued together.

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