Pasco Scentific sensors and PC or tablet bluetooth connection schema

How to connect one PASPORT sensor via Bluetooth® or through a direct USB connection?

The wireless sensor is much more convenient to use. If you have in use wired PASCO SCIENTIFIC Pasport sensors order Airlink. AirLink PS-3200 connect one PASPORT sensor via Bluetooth® or through a direct USB connection. Just plug the sensor in Airlink and collect data in or out of the classroom using computers, tablets or smartphones.


Need more than a single PASPORT sensor per lab station? Multiple AirLinks can be used simultaneously. Watch the video below to see sensor Airlink combo and data acquisition device wireless pairing.

USB Bluetooth Adapter – PS-3500. Simply connect it to an open USB port and then up to three PASCO devices (wireless sensors, Smart Carts, AirLinks) can be connected via Bluetooth. Windows computers, Chromebooks and older Macs can utilize these devices with the help of this low-cost adapter.

AirLink is the most economical way to use PASPORT sensors. The 550 Universal Interface is second option. It also offers Bluetooth compatibility and can be used with SPARKvue software as well as PASCO Capstone software.

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