PASCO Capstone interface

The ease of use of digital laboratories depends primarily on software. PASCO CAPSTONE online training recording from September 26, 2018 now is available in YouTube.

Also you can watch online training.

Full list of Capstone feature in video format  is also available in Capstone playlist.

What is PASCO Capstone?

It’s a feature-rich data acquisition, visualization, and analysis program designed by PASCO scientific for advanced science education. In addition, Capstone contains the tools needed for the creation and execution of structured scientific inquiries, by allowing simple drag-and-drop integration of rich text, graphics, video, and data displays on multiple page displays called workbooks.
It is completely compatible with all PASCO USB Interfaces, including the 850 Universal Interface, Xplorer GLX, SPARKlink, SPARKlink Air, SPARK SLS, USB Link and older interfaces such as the ScienceWorkshop 750 or 500.

You can download 60 days trial version of PASCO Capstone for MS Windows or Mac OS X here. It will behave exactly as a fully licensed version. You can buy digital license and activate the software late on.

If you have a questions about connection with sensors download user manual here.

Second aspect of successful training for students it is methodical approach. You do not need to spend your time for preparation it is already done. Check digital-library here and find PASCO CAPSTONE file icon  to download. 

Getting Started with PASCO Capstone

Some Physics Experiments for Mechanics, Oscillations, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, Waves and Optics, Quantum topics are available here.

More information about PASCO CAPSTONE features, license types, data Importing and Exporting look here.

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