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SPARKvue is a popular data collection, visualization and analysis application for STEM learning. It is free to download and use App for Chromebooks, iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets. School Digital license is an inexpensive way to use SPARKvue in Mac and Windows computers.

SPARKvue features

  • Measure and display sensor data in real time. Display data in a graph, bar graph, analogue meter, digits or table. Pinch and zoom manipulation of graphs.
  • Analyze data with built-in statistical tools (min, max, mean, standard deviation, count and area). Select from 8 different curve fits including linear and quadratic.
  • Capture images with integrated cameras and use SPARKvue’s image analysis capabilities. Add videos, photos and GIFs
  • Create and export electronic student lab journals.
    Convenient annotation, snapshot and electronic journaling are among the features supporting peer dialogue, classroom presentations, and assessment.
  • SPARKvue has an integrated help system, which is always in touch away with the help icon.
  • SPARKvue supports 29 languages.

Wireless sensors support

You can easily connect all of 80+ PASCO sensors via our Bluetooth interfaces. For iPad or iPhone—just turn on the sensor and connect right in the app.

Chromebooks do not have Bluetooth connectivity. PASCO SCIENTIFIC Bluetooth USB adapter (PS-3500) will help you with that. The drivers is supported. Do not forget it is always an option to convert the PASPORT blue colour sensor into Wireless Sensors. Just add the AirLink (PS-3200) and you have converted sensor into the handheld. Airlink PS-3200 has a battery and Bluetooth connectivity.

Learning sharing

You can enable SPARKvue data collection and live data sharing with anyone in the world to unleash the learning experience. Live data sharing and session sharing across devices. Share with the class or even across geographies. Use integrated with cloud-based file sharing services such as Dropbox for further data anaylys.


Use PASCO free SPARKlabs or build your own! The same SPARKlabs file could be used in tablets, smartphones, computers, interactive whiteboards. No matter what the mix of technology is in the classroom or the school, teachers and students all share the same user experience.

SPARKvue includes 14 preloaded SPARKlab interactive lab activities, plus over 80 more available free online.

With SPARKlab interactive lab activities, teachers can blend instructional content, live data collection & analysis, reflection prompts and more, all completely within the SPARKvue environment

Try SPARKvue.

It is interesting to try SPARKvue even if you do not have any of PASCO sensors. Collect and display your live data using the Smartphone which has onboard accelerometer and sound sensors. You can Download for free by links below:

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