American mathematician George Danzig, being a graduate student at the university, one day was late for class and took the equations written on the blackboard for homework. It seemed to him more complicated than usual, but after a few days he was able to complete it. It turned out that he solved two “unsolvable” problems in statistics that many scientists struggled with.

As the name for Google, a mathematical term was taken – a number equal to one followed by 100 zeros. Then it turned out that it is spelled differently – “googol”. Despite this, it was decided to keep the name “Google”. A company known for its services and projects that have shaken our world.

Almost all progressive humanity (except the USA) does not use the designations AM (ante meridiem – before noon) and PM (post meridiem – after noon), as there is a lot of confusion (quickly answer the question: which is earlier – 1 AM or 12 AM?) .

Many discoveries, which were even made by people who had nothing to do with science, shocked the world.

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