10678,80  sis. KM



Materials: Aluminium, Carbon Fiber
IP Classification IP54
Communication Mode: RS-485/Ethernet TCP-IP
Programming: PC/Mobile Graphical Interface / Python/ C++/ ROS Underlying Interface

UFACTORY offers 3 modifications of xArm: 5 Lite / 6 / 7.

xArm 5 Lite is affordable and the most cost-effective robotic arm among peers, it can be widely used especially for pick-and-place tasks. Arm 5 Lite uses Harmonic Drive and a low-backlash gearbox.

xArm 6 has a payload of 5 kg and repeat-ability of ±0.1 mm, it delivers increased dexterity and flexibility, not to mention it is the best deal you can ever get among similar products on the market.

xArm 7 has a built-in Harmonic Drive with 17bit Multi-turn Encoders, which brings human-like flexibility, and it is perfect for emerging industries such as AI research, service automation, and filming, etc.

All joints of xArm 6/ xArm 7 use Harmonic Drive.  Collision detection and force control are available on xArm 6/xArm 7, which are not available on xArm 5 Lite. The ambient temperature of xArm is 0-50 °C and reduces when the joint continued for high-speed operation.


Electrical specification

Power Supply 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption(w) Min 8.4 W, Typical 120 W, Max 240 W
Input Power Supply 24 V DC, 10 A

Universal Tools

xArm features a universal tool mount port that allows users to install different head tools according to their needs. It comes with the most commonly used end-actuators: gripper and vacuum system to help in various tasks.

As an option, you can buy a xArm parallel gripper.


xArm SDK includes Python SDK, ROS SDK, and C++ SDK. A fully upgradable software platform that can grow in capabilities to make it a lasting and worthy long-term investment.



Robotic arm


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