Wireless Drop Counter

The PASCO Wireless Drop Counter is a versatile measuring device that can connect to a computer or mobile device wirelessly through Bluetooth (BLE) or physically through a USB port.

Add the Wireless Drop Counter for your lab for more efficient and accurate titration data.

Titration experiments are core to any chemistry curriculum – now conducting a titration has never been easier! The Wireless Drop counter counts drops of titrant added during a titration and converts the drops into a volume. Use the Wireless Drop Counter, with a Wireless pH sensor, Wireless Temp sensor or Wireless Conductivity Sensor to easily perform potentiometric, thermometric and conductometric titrations.


  • Measures up to 10 drops per second
  • IR Filter assures accurate counts because room lighting cannot affect results
  • Sensor unit can suspend up to two other probes in solution, simplifying many experiments
  • Wider drop window (18 × 13 mm) means better drop detection and easier alignment with burettes
  • Splash resistant design to keep it safe from harm in wet labs
  • Automatically re calibrates for maximum sensitivity each time the unit is turned on
  • LED drop indicator makes setup and testing easy
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery (> 200 hours on a single charge)
  • Included materials make it easy to set up a drop dispenser and easily control drop size and flow

Typical Applications

  • Chemistry: Titration, counting drops and measuring volume
  • Investigating indicators
  • Chemical reactions


  • Wireless Drop Counter
  • USB Cable (for charging or optional direct connection)
  • Micro Stir Bar
  • Drop Dispenser with Stopcock

Includes a Micro Stir Bar for even better titration data. The Micro Stir Bar connects to the end of your pH or Conductivity probe and maintains a constant flow of solution over the end of the electrode. Works with a standard stir plate. (Additional Micro Stir Bars are also available separately.) Also, includes a Drop Dispenser. The case of the Wireless Drop Counter is also designed to slide onto a support rod and attach to a ring stand using the built-in thumbscrew.

Software Required

PASCO products that use Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity (wireless sensors, Smart Carts, and the AirLink) require the latest versions of our software.

PASCO Capstone is available for Mac and Windows. SPARKvue is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Chromebooks.

Additionally, the Wireless Motion Sensor and Wireless Smart Carts can be connected via Bluetooth and used with our MatchGraph app.

Compatibility/System Requirements

Any current model Chromebook, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, or phone will support direct connection to PASCO Bluetooth Low Energy devices. Also, any Windows 10 device with Creators Edition 1703 or later will support direct connection. Chromebook’s users MUST have the latest firmware updates for ALL wireless sensors in order to use them without the USB Bluetooth Adapter. Full information. All other Windows computers/tablets, older Macs, and Chromebooks without updated sensor firmware currently require the PS-3500 USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect to PASCO’s Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

Full compatibility details are available, including compatibility information for older computing devices.

Wireless Drop Counter


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