Wireless Current Sensor

220,80  sis. KM

The Wireless Current Sensor is a combination of wireless and USB sensor that connects to a computer or tablet
device through Bluetooth, and can also connect to a computer with a USB cable (included). The sensor measures current in two ranges: between -1 ampere (A) and +1 A, and between – 0.1 A and + 0.1 A. The PASCO Data Collection Software will display and analyze the measurements from the sensor.

NOTE: The software also supports “remote data logging” for long-term experiments.

Measure currents of up to 1 A with built-in protection for the sensor against overload and transmit the collected data wirelessly to your computers, Chromebooks, tablets, or smartphones.

The wide current range allows for introductory and advanced explorations of the fundamental concepts of electricity and basic circuits. Combine with the Wireless Voltage Sensor to explore Ohm’s Law, series & parallel circuits, and much more.

Since current can only exist in a complete circuit, the Wireless Current Sensor must be part of that circuit in order to measure current. It is connected in series and has a very low resistance (0.1 Ω). For this reason, we don’t recommend connecting it directly across a battery or other voltage source without a resistive load.

Special Features

  • Simplicity: just pair and go, no cables and adapters to manage
  • Variable sampling rate for recording small, fast changes or experiments that run for hours, days, or weeks
  • High-speed sampling is available via USB connection in “burst mode”
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery.
  • Logging mode – Log current data directly onto the sensor for long-term experiments.


Note: Unlike the Wireless Voltage Sensor, the Wireless Current Sensor does NOT ship with test leads.

  • Current sensor
  • USB Cable (for recharging and optional direct connection)


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