UV-Vis Spectrometer

UV-Vis (SE-3607) is a high-precision spectrometer for the determination of chemical structure and concentration for detailed spectroscopic methods with a wide range from ultraviolet light to visible light.

The spectrometer is accompanied by:
1 x cuvettes (10 pcs)
1 x cuvette holder
1 x USB-A-USB-B cable
1 x adapter (24V)

PASCO catalog for UV-Vis spectrometer

UV-Vis (SE-3607) is an easy-to-use spectrometer with a wide dimensional range that ensures fast, accurate and reliable performance of routine analyzes in the chemical laboratory and biochemistry. Thanks to the USB connection and cross-functional software, the Spectrometry PASCO UV-Vis spectrometer improves communication between laboratory members, enabling the analysis of collected data on computers, laptops and tablets.

The UV-Vis PASCO spectrometer has been developed to ensure maximum performance in dynamic training laboratories.

-compact design
-high-sensitivity CMOS detector for faster analysis
-insulated optical table ensures constant accuracy over time (± 1 m)
-USB connectivity supports the use of laboratory and student devices

The PASCO UV-Vis spectrometer offers a wide range of detection in the visible UV-A, UV-B and UV-C regions for an exceptional stand-alone solution for conventional applications, such as:

-kinetic dimensions
-purified protein analysis
-checking the purity of the nucleic acid
-DNA and RNA quantification
-analysis of unchecked or synthesized compounds
-determination of nucleic acid concentration
-colorimetric analyzes to determine the amount of protein
-specific definition of chemical and biochemical compounds

The UV-Vis PASCO Spectrometer is fully integrated with the user-friendly spectrometry software Spectrometry.

This free software is compatible with most student devices (using the VOSK principle), allowing lab teams to quickly exchange and easily view data. The full functionality of this software is also available to everyone for free. Spectrometry software increases the efficiency of the analysis with the following functions:
-light calibration with one mouse click
-Automatic display and storage of optional data
-printing the result spectrum
-export data in .csv or .png file format (for further data analysis in Excel, SPARKvue or Capstone software)
-Beer law for determining concentrations by linear approximation

PASCO Spectrometry software includes 4 pre-programmed displays:

1. Analytical solution: length of flow depending on absorption
2. Concentration: against concentration absorption (Beer’s law)
3. Time: time against absorption (kinetics)
4. Analyze light: flux length and intensity



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UV-Vis Spectrometer

PASCO UV-Vis Spectrometer | Get Started

UV-Vis Spectrometer

PASCO UV-VIS Spectrometer

UV-Vis Spectrometer

Analysis of Aspirin Tablets



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