UFACTORY uArm Swift Pro Combo

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uArm Swift Pro is a desktop robotic arm developed for STEM education purposes. 4 degrees of freedom allows to execute sharp positioning tasks, like 3D printing and laser engraving. Main Features:

  • Easy to Use: Offline Learning Mode / Visual Programming (No Coding Required!)
  • All-in-one Software: Compatible with Windows/ Mac Os/ Linux
  • Extendability: 3D printing / Laser Engraving / Drawing
  • Limitless Possibilities:Open Source
  • Factory warranty: 1 year

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UFACTORY released the first desktop open-source robotic arm in 2013. And more than 15000 robotic enthusiasts worldwide are inspired by uArm opportunities. uArm Swift Pro is a desktop robotic arm with 4 degrees of freedom. It allows to execute sharp positioning tasks, like 3D printing and laser engraving. uArm’s mobile app, which is also known as uArm Play, makes uArm robotic arm controlling and playing so easy, just like playing a mobile game. Following our plan to make uArm a better way to learn and play for beginners and kids. Android and IOS versions are available. No coding skills? No worries!

No worries if you do not have coding skills yet

Offline learning mode requires no coding experience or complicated assembling. You simply need to power it on, press record, teach it what to do by dragging it. Then it will just do what you’ve taught it.

If you wish to do coding, use uArmStudio working platform. Visual block programming makes it easy.  It has an intuitive user interface with instructions, settings, and diagnosis built-in for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Whether a 9-year kid or adult beginner or whoever has that original passion of exploration and making inside you, you can program uArm to do tasks in minutes!

uArm could be the extension of your imagination and creativity

Either do a light painting, do laser engraving or have fun creating a little fun bar tending program, uArm is fully capable. uArm Swift Pro works with 3D printing modules via 3D printing platform CuraForuArm. The 3D printing process is simple: install CuraForuArm in your computer, mount the 3D printing kit tightly on the robotic arm, feed in PLA filament and you are all set to go. Moreover, uArm Swift Pro supports laser engraving and drawing functions, which are already built in our all-in-one software working platform uArmStudio. Simply install the laser head or mount the pen on the end of uArm, launch uArm Studio and follow a few steps, then you are good to go!

uArm Swift series are open-source and DIY-friendly robotic arms. With extension ports built-in on the base and end-effector, you can connect it with modules like OpenMV camera, Seeed Grove sensors, etc. to expand its possibilities. It also supports Arduino, Python, GRABCAD, and ROS programming.

uArm Swift Pro Combo

STE.education is offering uArm Swift Pro Combo. It consists of:  

  1. uArm Swift Pro main body
  2. Suction cup
  3. Gripper
  4. Universal holder
  5. 3D printing Kit
  6. Laser Kit
  7. Vision Camera Kit
  8. Ultrasonic Ranger

UFACTORY uArm Swift Pro Combo

For getting started

Latest version of uArmStudio, uArm Play & uArm Draw is available from producer UFACTORY web uArm support page here.  UFACTORY GitHub


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