Scientific laboratory station for primary classes

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A scientific laboratory station set up by PASCO for primary school students and teachers to make it easier and more playful to learn the topics in the curriculum. (PS-3314)

The set is primarily aimed at students in grades 1-5 so that they can get a better idea of the content of the subject.

The kit (PS-3314) contains four products and their storage box. Among the products is a handbook for teachers, which outlines various prepared laboratory works that can be used in lessons according to the topic.

The topics of laboratory work included in the manual:

  1. Weather and climate: microclimates
  2. Without monitoring
  3. Set sound levels
  4. MatchGraph! (study of graphs)
  5. The principle of greenhouse work: heat
  6. The principle of greenhouse work: light
  7. How can plants survive without light?
  8. Temperature and its change
  9. Thermal insulator
  10. Chemical reactions

The other three products are a motion sensor, a temperature sensor and a light sensor, all of them are wireless, ie all you need to do to read the data is to install special software SparkVue on your smart device and connect the sensor via Bluetooth.

The kit can also be used for distance learning, as the data read from the sensors can be shared via the cloud service or through the SparkVue software if all students have joined the session started by the teacher. SparkVue software is free for ChromeBook computers, iOS and Android tablets, and smartphones.




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