Programmable Photon robot

Photon is an interactive educational robot that develops with its owner. With this robot, children can make progress in programming.
The photon can be programmed by anyone who is at least 12 years old.

Approved by Education Alliance Finland

The photon robot is a good pair for learning the basics of programming. Children get a good and strong foundation in programming.

The interfaces offered in the applications (Photon Coding, Photon Magic Bridge) have different levels (beginner, advanced, master and expert) so that the child can choose one according to his / her knowledge and skills.

You can use the Magic Dongle adapter that comes with this unit to connect the Photon Robot to your computer.

Study materials

Study materials for programming lessons. The materials are in English.
1. Get started
2. Algorithms and sequences
3. Errors and debugging
4. Features
5. Interactions with the robot
6. Loops
7. Conditional statements

The set includes


For programming, Photon Coding has Photon Draw (beginner), Photon Badge (advanced), Photon Blocks (master), Photon Code (master) and Scratch (expert) programming interfaces.
It is also possible to program on a computer using the Photon Magic Bridge application. In Magic Bridge you can program in Scratch, MakseCode | JavaScript and Python. You can also open the Photon Coding application in the Photon Magic Bridge application.



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