Photon cards

The set of photon study cards consists of several different categories of cards, for example, there are cards with emotions, things and activities, symbols, numbers, the Estonian alphabet, geometric shapes, colors and positions (front, back). There are a total of 197 cards in the set.

Photon learning cards can be used in many ways depending on their categories. Total Photon cards have 5 different categories:

  • Pictograms and AAC (augmentative and alternative systems communication)
  • Emotions, objects, and activities
  • Symbols used in the Photon application
  • Numbers and the Estonian alphabet
  • Shapes, colors and spatial relations

For example, the Estonian alphabet can be used to learn letters and spelling rules. Numbers and geometric shapes can be used for games and counting! Pet cards to recognize the sounds they make. Colour and location cards to describe items and their place in relation to others.

Symbols that used in the Photon application can be used, for example, to plan the robot’s route or to determine the actions of the Photon by placing maps on the Photon learning mat that show what needs to be done in this field.

The size of the study card is 10×10 cm. It is made of 300 gram / m2 thick paper and covered with 75-micron laminates on both sides. The studying card has a double-sided colour print to make it easier to sort after use.

All cards are in Estonian. There are a total of 197 cards in the set.


Quantity 197 pcs.
Size 10 x10 cm
Paper specification 300 gr / m2 paper + 75 mic laminate


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