PASCObot Sense & Control Kit

This complete kit comes with a PASCObot, accessories, and all the modules needed to engage your students in the world of programming through exciting explorations in sense & control. Includes ready-to-use activities.

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The PASCObot Sense & Control Kit helps harness students’ interest in robotics to drive deeper learning in science and STEM. This complete kit includes a PASCObot, //control.Node, and accessories, as well as digital activities to support students’ coding journey.

Sense and Control with PASCObot

Simple to build and easy to program, the PASCObot consists of just six pieces, including a PASCObot Body, two Wheels, two Stepper Motors, and a rechargeable //control.Node that enables students to execute their code in real time, or store it onboard for execution later.

With PASCObot, students can go beyond basic robotics applications, combining PASCO’s real-time data collection, graphing, and analysis system with an intuitive coding interface that scales to their skill level. From programming the bot’s first movements to navigating obstacle courses to head-to-head competitions – there’s no limit to what students can do with PASCObot!

Ready-to-use Activities

The PASCObot Sense and Control Kit is supported by digital student activities that cover everything from coding the robot’s first movements to navigating it through a custom obstacle course. Once they’ve mastered the basics, students can continue their journey by creating their own Blockly programs, PASCObot challenges, and head-to-head competitions.

  • Making the PASCObot Move
  • Using the Accelerometer to Navigate Objects
  • Object Avoidance with the Range Finder
  • Adjusting Speed on an Incline
  • Experimenting with the Line Follower
  • Navigating a Complex Path
  • Programming with the Gripper Accessory
  • Clearing Paths with the Gripper Accessory
  • Sense and Control Synthesis Project

What’s in the box?

The PASCObot Sense and Control Kit comes with the PASCObot and //control.Node, as well as all the accessories needed to program how the bot interacts with its environment.


Accessories and Modules

  • Line Follower Module: Control how the PASCObot detects and responds to line paths made with the included rolls of tape.
  • Line Follower Tape: Design a custom path, then program the PASCObot to follow it!
  • Range Finder Module: Locate, avoid, and respond to objects based on code.
  • Gripper Accessory: Control how the bot identifies and responds to objects! Pick up a can, stack cups, or move objects from the PASCObot’s path.
  • Servo Motors (2): Power the Gripper Accessory with programmable Servo Motors that sense when an object has been gripped.
  • Set of Colored Cups: Lift, sort, and stack these cups, or use them to create a custom obstacle course, then program the PASCObot to navigate it!

NOTE: The Line Follower Module cannot be used simultaneously with the Range Finder Module since both occupy the same slot in the PASCObot

Powering Creativity with the //control.Node

When nestled inside the PASCObot, the //control.Node serves as a brain, providing both power to the bot and storage for students’ code. Equipped with an accelerometer, a rechargeable battery, and multiple accessory ports, the //control.Node acts as an all-in-one control device, enabling connections to any PASCO sensor or STEM Sense project.

//control.Node Features:

  • Onboard accelerometer
  • Speaker
  • Sensor Port
  • Two Power Output Channels for Stepper Motors and Power Output Board
  • Two Servo Ports for Regular Servos and Continuous Rotation Servos
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Bluetooth (BLE) connectivity
  • USB port for charging and connectivity
  • Executes programs with or without a wired connection

PASCO Software

The PASCObot is programmed using Blockly, a block-based code available in both SPARKvue and PASCO Capstone software. Blockly makes it easy for students to master the basics of programming, without having to worry about their syntax. Rather than overwhelming students with options, Blockly focuses on building coding literacy through a library of customizable, drag-and-drop coding blocks.

Plug-and-Play with PASCO Sensors

Blockly integrates seamlessly with all PASCO sensors and software, enabling students to program data collection parameters, code custom displays, and make data-based decisions to improve their STEM Sense project. Students can even use real-time data from PASCO sensors as a code input to create data-driven feedback loops, autonomous systems, and more.

PASCO Code Library

The PASCO Code Library supports new coders with a variety of prepared Blockly coding blocks that can be used to direct the PASCObot’s movements. These blocks can be used to simplify coding commands or create more advanced motions, depending on the student’s learning level.

What’s Included


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