Set of geometric optics with red laser

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A set of red laser physics lessons to study geometric optics.

Tests that can be performed with set of geometric optics with red laser:

  1. Eye examination
  2. Reflection
  3. Refraction of light
  4. Geometric aberration
  5. Optical instruments

The set includes:

  • Red laser beam (1-3-5 beams)
  • Power supply 5V-600mA
  • 14 magnetic lenses
  • Magnetic mirror
  • 7 erasable boards, 250x350mm
  • Human eye, camera, optical disk, network
  • Galilee telescope, Keplerian telescope
  • Newton’s telescope
  • 4 magnets, diameter 32.6mm
  • Erasable pen
  • Suitcase with protective foam

The set is ideal for physics classes in high school classes.



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