Essential Physics Forces and Machines Teacher Resources

Contains all of the activities and student assignments for this module as well as lesson plans, presentations, simulations and more.

PASCO Forces and Machines Kit (EP-6483) engages students in a wide range of physics, physical science, and engineering concepts. Two triple-pulley blocks make it easy to build machines with mechanical advantages up to 6:1. Build all three classes of levers with our pair of 20 cm levers, or combine gears, levers, and pulleys together to show how rotating machines work.

What you need:

  • 1 Set of Teacher Resources per classroom or lab
  • 1 Force and Machines Engineering Kit per lab group
  • 1 additional Tripod Stand per lab group
  • 1 set of Ergopedia Weights per lab group


  • 27″ extruded rails (2)
  • 10 N metal spring scales (2)
  • Tripod stand base (One is included but two are required)
  • Universal spring hangar
  • Right-angle connector with pulley (2)
  • Fixed triple block pulley
  • Hanging triple block pulley
  • 25 cm Hooke’s Law Spring
  • Friction Block
  • Quick attach gear hubs (4)
  • Gear spacers (12)
  • 20 cm levers (2)
  • 60 tooth spur gears (2)
  • 40 tooth spur gears (2)
  • 20 tooth spur gears (3)
  • 20 cm diameter large pulleys (2)
  • Braided yellow cord (10 ft)
Weight 1,7 kg


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